Why make the switch from disposable to cloth pads?

Why make the switch from disposable to cloth pads?

Your bleed and your body...

When we use products it’s so easy to just expect them to be ‘safe’ because they’re available, but what if the products we are using are directly interrupting our hormone systems without us even knowing?

When it comes to sanitary products, there’s a lot to digest,
but have you ever thought about how many pads on average an Australian woman uses in her lifetime? We crunched some numbers and if you calculate an average bleed of 40 years, 13 times a year and roughly five products per day that’s an astonishing 12,000 menstrual products including disposable pads, liners, and tampons, with women spending on average $9,379 each over the lifetime of their bleed1!

That’s nearly 10 GRAND! Honestly, what could you do with $10,000 in your life right now? And, just think, that’s really only if you’re buying regular branded stuff, now imagine the numbers if you’re already consciously buying compostable or organic disposable items.

And of course, in addition to spending that amount of money on these single use products and your impact on the planet with that phenomenal amount of plastic waste... have you thought about looking into the long-lasting effects of these products on your precious body?

I mean, have you ever wondered why there are no ingredient labels on menstrual products? It turns out that manufacturers aren’t required to disclose ingredients because feminine hygiene products are considered ‘medical devices.’ We already know that Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is increased heavily with women who use tampons, whether they be organic or not, but it’s not common knowledge that there are also toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. If you want to do some further reading and check out some research, click here for a great website.

In short; some commonly used chemicals are;


  • Dioxins are mainly by-products of industrial processes, even trace levels are concerning as they can disrupt the hormone system, linked to PCOS, endometriosis and fertility issues.

Pesticide residues

  • These have been detected in products made with traditionally grown cotton and are linked to fertility issues, neurological dysfunction and developmental defects.

Undisclosed fragrance ingredients

  • ‘Synthetic fragrance’ is a blanket term for dozens of chemical ingredients like phthalates, neurotoxins and synthetic musks which may lead to endocrine disruption, fertility issues, skin irritation and allergies.

So, now imagine if you’re placing those ingredients repeatedly into your vagina or against you vulva, for nearly 3000 days out of your lifetime… and consider that those ingredients above are chemicals which are hormone disrupting and can lead to issues around your fertility, menstrual cycle, even your sleep, your immunity, gut health, mental health and more.

It’s really not all doom and gloom though, a little bit of understanding can change a lot! I’ve been so lucky to be training as a Period Coach with Stasha Washburn through her Period Coaching School and she’s all about reconnecting with our cycle, the seasons, the waves and of course, our bleed and she reminds us that our menstrual cycle should be celebrated and even used as a road map for living in flow. She knows that we need a new perspective on our periods and that we can live fuller lives if we embrace the power our cycle possess, you can jump in and join Stasha’s Flow Freedom course here2, or grab a copy of her book here.

So what’s a simple, easy and accessible alternative?

If you’re ready to make a quick change then jump straight on over to my shop and grab yourself some ready made cloth pads. I also have some fantastic bundles, which include packs to get you started with charting and some with the book included too, they're here

If you still need some ideas on why to give them a try:

  • They’re far more environmentally friendly than disposables.
  • They are gentle on the skin.
  • Low toxin.
  • They're machine washable.
  • They last for many years if cared for well. 
  • Your washing line will become your happy place.
  • They look gorgeous, even in your handbag.
  • And, because you’re a Goddess and your Vulva deserves to be treated like the temple it is I have chosen to top them with the most divine bamboo velour.

They have a waterproof lining which, along with the pretty printed side are made from ‘manufacturing waste' from other items, which supports me to keep my studio low waste.

And even better
YOU can support other women and girls as you move through your journey, because for every pad you purchase I make and donate one to women and girls in PNG through local charity Gulagbi – Collaborative Sustainable Developments and their founder Doula Shelly. You can read a beautiful message from her at the bottom of the cloth pads page here.

Lastly, if you’re experiencing any pain, PMS, mood swings, depression, anxiety, are having long bleeds, erratic bleeds, seeing anything other than bright red blood or have any other symptoms around your period or you’re ready to learn more about your fertility system, please head here to book in for a call with me. I’m here for you and can’t wait to support you on your journey.


With you, in flow, Paisley. 





1. According to a study commissioned by menstrual cup company Intimina

2. This is not an affiliate link, I do not receive anything for posting this, I just absolutely highly rate Stasha's work and working with her has changed my life! 

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