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Training Pants : Black Floral

Training Pants : Black Floral

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Now your baby is standing nappy changes can start to become a battle of wills, so let's look at ways, instead, to support your child's development and begin (or carry-on) their journey to independent toilet use.

Training pants are the perfect, washable, reusable and funky option to support toilet readiness or elimination communication.

They allow your child to feel wet so they can begin to (or carry on) communicating with you when they have been or are about to go to the toilet.

They are easy for you or your child to pull up and push down, supporting the transition to underwear.

So stylish they can even be worn like shorts on those warmer days.

Material: They have a soft and absorbent bamboo inner layer, a waterproof PUL lining and printed cotton/lycra outer. 

Care Instructions: If Soiling occurs I recommend following the Clean Cloth Nappies washing guidelines, otherwise they can be added to your normal cool or warm machine wash. Line dry inside out in the shade.

Size Chart:

Size 0: Waist: 43cm Bum: 48cm Thigh: 23cm
Size 1: Waist: 45cm Bum: 50cm Thigh: 26cm
Size 2: Waist: 50cm Bum: 55cm Thigh: 31cm
Size 3: Waist: 52cm Bum: 57cm Thigh: 33cm

Size 0+: Waist: 43cm Bum: 48cm Thigh: 26cm
Size 1+: Waist: 45cm Bum: 50cm Thigh: 31cm
Size 2+: Waist: 50cm Bum: 55cm Thigh: 33cm
Size 3+: Waist: 52cm Bum: 57cm Thigh: 35cm

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